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About the Great Ocean Road
If you like to experience a lot of different things you can go for a trip in the Great Ocean Road where you can practice outdoor activities such as surfing, scuba diving and sea kayaking , cultural and heritage attractions. You can admire the stunning coastline on the Great Ocean Walk and enjoy a special dinners, local winemakers and fresh produce along the way. You can enjoy in some relaxation therapy at an invigorating day spa or shop for local delicacies, surfing gear and collectibles. Join a tour group and see the famous 12 Apostles or take a self-guided drive along the spectacular Great Ocean Road.

There are lots of things to do and places to see in the region for families. You can find here any kind of activities for each member of a family such as rock pool rambling and beach activities . As beach activities you can learn to surf, boogie board, paddle in the waves or try skim boarding in the shallows you . The beach is the perfect place for families to spend some time you can build sandcastles, play cricket or just enjoy a picnic or ice cream on the sand.

Adventure Park at Wallington is a place were are some fantastic attractions suitable for families. There are mini golf courses, a giant maze, loads of playgrounds and places to swim. Pick your own berry farms, animal sanctuaries and a vintage steam train that exist in this region, and many of the museums and heritage attractions have specific programs to keep the kids engaged and entertained learning by stealth.

And also the sport activities are great for families - horse riding tours in the hinterland, bike riding on designated tracks, swimming or water sports, there are places to do all these things and more.

Another attraction is Bay of Islands Coastal Park which has outstanding ocean views and geological features. Sheer cliffs and rock stacks dominate the bays, and heathlands display colorful spring wildflowers. Beaches are accessible at some points.

Parks Victoria acknowledges the Aboriginal Traditional Owners of Victoria including its parks and reserves. The Aboriginal people maintain their connection to their ancestral lands and waters.

One of the most well-known highlights of the Great Ocean Road is The Twelve Apostles. that is situated in the Port Campbell National Park. The Twelve Apostles are massive limestone structures that have 45 meters above the tempestuous Southern Ocean. The visitors are amazed by their size and the amazing view. Behind the eight remaining stacks five have fallen since their discovery are majestic cliffs, around 70 meters high.

The Twelve Apostles offer a great landscape at both sunrise and sunset because the forces of nature has gradually eroded the softer limestone, forming caves in the cliffs which became arches and when they collapsed, rock islands as high as 45 meters were left isolated from the shore. As an advice stop and visit the Twelve Apostles Centre before you actually go there and view the amazing Twelve Apostles coastline. The Centre offers insightful cultural heritage stories, shelter and toilets. you can take a walk the short distance through the tunnel, under the Great Ocean Road to various lookouts offering expansive, breathtaking views.

Travel to Great Ocean Road
First of all, you must get to Australia if you are not around there. Australia is the largest remote island in the world, located in the southern hemisphere. Getting here is possible by air or water. Fastest way to get here is of course by air, therefore searching and comparing airfare rates to Australia can have a major impact on your spending. Sydney flights might be the ones to choose as you will have a good option of international carriers. However the best city to arrive in for a visit to Great Ocean Road is Melbourne. You can get an air connection to Melbourne from anywhere in Australia if Melbourne is not the direct flight from wherever you depart.

From Melbourne, we recommend getting a car rental or bus from which point you must continue on the road, heading on the coast to South-East. In just 1-2 hours you will get to the Great Ocean Road, where you can drive for another several hours enjoy views of the South Pacific Ocean and rocky formations such as the 12 Apostles. For spending the night, we recommend hotels in Port Douglas or hotels in Apollo Bay.



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